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ITSM Investments Key for Cloud Success

03/12/2014 by: The SunView Team

Migrating to the cloud is a challenging and complex process. However, many organizations equate turning to the cloud as eliminating IT management tasks. That perception is true in that companies do not always have as much hardware to manage when they turn to the cloud. While the lack of hardware may ease some IT challenges, the reality is that the service management landscape created by the cloud is an incredibly challenging environment.

According to a recent CloudTweaks report, businesses that want to find success in the cloud need to first establish a solid IT service management framework based on the IT Infrastructure Library framework.

Using ITSM to Support the Cloud
The news source likened getting on the cloud bandwagon to flying a jet plane. Pilots train extensively before flying a jet and prepare for every contingency. This is necessary because everything will happen so fast in the cockpit that there will only be time for decision making, not familiarizing oneself with controls, best practices and other considerations. Similarly, cloud computing accelerates IT operations to such a degree that it can leave IT teams unable to take the time to learn things as they go. Businesses need to be ready once they enter the cloud space.

The problem, the report said, is that many IT teams are being pressured to enter the cloud space before they have the tools and training they need to handle the cloud effectively. Let's face it, the cloud is still a fairly new technological movement and there is still a lot of work to be done before IT leaders fully understand the technology. Because of this, technology leaders benefit significantly from tools that create greater transparency and oversight within the IT setup.

CloudTweaks explained that an ITIL-based ITSM solution plays a vital role in enabling technology managers to handle the cloud by allowing them to apply the "collective intelligence" of the entire IT team to day-to-day operations. The end result is a much more structured, efficient IT setup that lets service management teams handle the speed of the cloud without risk.

Considering the Importance of Service Management Scalability
Many of the businesses turning to the cloud are smaller organizations that cannot afford major internal IT departments. These organizations are often using a homegrown help desk and unable to even consider an ITSM solution. Such companies benefit substantially from an advanced help desk system that meets their current needs, but is capable of scaling as the organization grows and its IT needs change. Completely replacing a help desk can be tricky, but migrating from help desk to service desk and, eventually, an ITSM suite, that all operate within the same framework can create incredible value.