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ITSM Becomes More Vital as IT Evolves

08/07/2015 by: The SunView Team

Enterprise information technology demands have changed dramatically in recent years. The Nexus of Forces, a term Gartner coined to talk about the convergence of cloud, social, mobile and data, is creating new requirements within IT departments, and there have been some rumblings that traditional IT service management practices have struggled to keep up. There is some truth to these rumblings. Slow, monolithic ITSM processes often have trouble keeping pace with modern IT department requirements, but service management tools have also evolved to help ease the gap.

Modern change management solutions, for example, are being built to help IT teams make changes in a hurry. Software that creates an automatic audit trail frees up IT teams to undo any alterations that have may have unintended consequences. The reality is that ITSM tools are evolving to meet the new pace demanded by IT departments, and a recent study from Enterprise Management Associates Research found that this trend will only continue to grow at a rapid pace.

ITSM Rising to Meet New IT Needs
While acknowledging the difficulty in clearly defining IT among different organizations and IT leaders, the study also found that there is a fairly overwhelming move toward embracing ITSM to meet emerging technology requirements. EMA Research found that organizations are working hard to make IT strategically align with the business, and that implementing the right ITSM tools and processes are critical to that alignment. From a strategic perspective, many companies are emphasizing change, incident and problem management. Functional tools being emphasized by respondents include CMDBs, project management suites and self-service portals.

Making these strategic and functional upgrades is key, as 50 percent of respondents said they expect their IT organization to expand, while 35 percent said it will remain the same size. With such a high percentage of companies anticipating IT expansion, the need for specialized tools to promote efficiency and keep up with shifting demands is critical. In response, 55 percent of those polled said they are prioritizing using analytics for IT and 80 percent explained they either already own are planning to invest in a CMDB platform.

Improving internal operations is only part of the equation. Companies are also embracing mobility and using mobile tools to improve the user experience. Fifty percent of those polled said they are using mobile devices to support ITSM and other user interactions, with 78 percent of those organizations saying they are getting meaningful or better improvements because of this new focus on mobile.

Of course, issues like IT expansion and mobility are the low-hanging fruit of using ITSM to support emerging IT trends. The DevOps movement is much more divisive, but the study found companies are also using ITSM to support DevOps. Approximately 80 percent of respondents said they are planning to integrate DevOps and ITSM.

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Making the Right Call With ITSM
ITSM solutions are evolving, and businesses facing new technology challenges need to focus on moving forward to advance IT service management without trying to reinvent the wheel. Advanced ITSM tools empower businesses to handle IT complexity while accelerating operations and becoming more responsive to end users. Only by fully investigating the ITSM tools that align with both IT and the business can an organization truly maximize their service delivery.