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IT Workers Increasingly Open to Operational Changes

08/18/2014 by: The SunView Team

The recession that began in 2008 and impacted the global economy for an extended period of time may have been good for IT. According to a recent study from Randstad Technologies, the recession pushed companies to become cognizant of how much they were wasting in IT and work to make operational changes that would streamline processes and maximize the value of IT workers. Besides furthering the careers of IT workers who would now have more responsibility, the move to improve processes led to better work environments in a variety of instances.

The recession had such a positive impact on process management in IT that approximately one-fifth of respondents to the study said that the recession was a good thing for IT. A Datacenter Dynamics story analyzing the study explained that there was a general consensus that IT workers are better off now than they were before the recession, but there is still more work to be done.

Process advances aren't always easy
The study found that there is a significant acceptance of heavier workloads when they are accompanied with more efficient processes, but IT workers are sensitive about how those changes happen. Approximately 57 percent of respondents said that operational changes across the IT industry could have been handled more effectively during the recession and its immediate aftermath. There are still plenty of discussions about the recession, but many of those polled believe more change is coming. Mike Beresford, managing director at Randstad Technologies, explained that changes happen quickly in IT and industry leaders need to be ready for continued innovation.

"The IT and technology sector is one of the most dynamic and fast moving industries on the planet," Beresford told the news source. "Technology is constantly reshaping the way companies do business and this was even more prevalent over the course of the downturn."

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Using the service desk to support operational changes
The IT service desk is becoming incredibly valuable as IT departments face pressure to constantly respond to changing business and technology needs. The changes that came about during the recession are a precursor of the current economic reality - an era in which constantly eliminating waste and improving efficiency is necessary. Scalable, flexible service desk tools help organizations continually trim away the operational fat in IT in a way that is accessible for both business and technology users. This results in easier transitions when operational changes are implemented and greater efficiency within an organization.

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