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Top Headlines in Tech | 10/20/2011

10/20/2011 by: The SunView Team

It seems like workers are trading their Crackberries for... well... iPhones and Android mobile devices. No shock there. What could be a shock, apparently that new 4s costs $188 - just for parts. If that doesn't unsettle you, be prepared for a GMail face lift. Plus, OS 5 has more than just a few IT professionals scared. Could it be the greatest security risk since thumb drives? Last, but certainly not least, be sure to sign up for LinkFace, at least that's what we want to call it. LinkedIn now has an area for college Grads. All that and more on today's Top Headlines in Tech.

Once upon a time, you could walk into an office building and find every suit on his or her CrackBerry. But that scene may soon disappear.
Apple Inc's spends at least $188 in component costs to make each of its fifth-generation iPhone 4S, consultancy and research firm IHS iSuppli estimated on Thursday.
Google Goes Straight to Video With Gmail's New Look - Wired
Gmail is about to get a facelift.

Google doesn't have much to say about it just yet, but this week, the company accidentally slipped out a guided tour of the Gmail's redesign, given by Google user interface guru Jason Cornwell. The new Gmail is more flexible and better looking, according to the company, giving Gmail users a way to stretch and shrink the display to their own tastes.

LinkedIn has launched Classmates, a professional networking tool that gives college graduates a high-level look at where their fellow alumni work and live, and what they do.
Apple's iOS 5 and the new iPhone 4S, which went on sale Friday, are packed with new features, many of which should boost the productivity and on-the-road capabilities of professional users. But, as with many consumer-oriented mobile platforms making their way into the workplace, iOS 5 and Apple's new iCloud service present some serious challenges in business environments.