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IT Project Success Requires a Change Solution

08/12/2013 by: The SunView Team

IT Project success, Change Management

When you are planning an IT project, are you planning to succeed or FAIL? I am sure that your initial response is, of course I am planning for success. But how do you know when your project is headed for certain death?

In a recent post, I discussed the need for a great ITSM solution for your IT projects. In order to insure success, you need to have a process for implementation that is tried and true, tested and repeatable. You need a Change Management solution in order to avoid the "crash and burn" scenario of a huge percentage of IT projects.

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"Depending on which consultancy you ask and what they're ultimately trying to sell you, the failure rate for technology projects is anywhere from 37% to 75%."

from Coverlet Meshing's Why Tech Projects Fail: 5 Unspoken Reasons

So how do you know when your project is going to fail? To find answers, I turned to the slideshow on, 11 signs your IT project is doomed, by Roger A. Grimes. Since we can all sense when something is amiss with our projects, I particularly like the fact that the list is of Red Flags.

The 11 Red Flags

  1. The project has launched without senior buy-in
  2. No detailed project plan exists
  3. Meetings have been scheduled without concern for team member availability
  4. Users have had little (to no) early involvement
  5. The project targets the minimum specs
  6. Testing is an afterthought
  7. No recovery plan is in place in the event of failure
  8. Expert recommendations have been rebuffed without testing outcomes
  9. The go-live date is a weekend or holiday
  10. Expectations have not been set
  11. Skimp on training

So, if you are planning to fail, follow the 11 surefire ways listed above. However, if you want to plan for IT project success, then I recommend that you overcome all of the obstacles inherent in a project by planning and having a great Change Management solution with ITIL-based processes in place. And, IT project success can be yours.