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IT Departments Switch to New Mindset, We Give It a New Name

09/12/2012 by: The SunView Team

When speaking to current prospects or newly signed customers, we are hearing many of the same things over and over. IT departments don't like their current tool because it is too difficult to customize, or they have multiple tools that don't integrate well, or upgrading is an overwhelming proposition.

They are looking for one platform to solve the same needs that multiple solutions had covered before, at a lower pricepoint. In a world where all tools can pretty much be matched on features, differences have to be made in other areas. Customers need to feel comfortable with the vendor they are working with, making sure they both care about the task at hand.

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

Here are the three main keys that we think it takes to make the IT organization successful.

Integrated ITSM Platform with Built-in ITIL Processes

A solution needs to include options for service desk, change management, service asset & configuration management, self-service, and more, all on the same platform, and all with built-in ITIL. ITIL, the most adopted ITSM framework, is important for success, so out-of the-box, all workflows need to be configured to ITIL standards.

Getting started services to accelerate ITIL adoption

Tool implementations used to take months, but today's solution should change that experience for IT departments. A good tool in the hands of a superior services team can have the tool ready within a week, and have the ITIL processes configured to your company. A great team can have you ITIL ready, even if your IT organization doesn't have ITIL experience.

World-class customer support

The solution should not have only limited support, confining your customers to just email support. Your solution should allow for unlimited support calls, each customer having a dedicated account manager for any other related questions and administration. Your solution's support team needs to know the software in-and-out.

At SunView Software, we have crafted our solution over many years and recently decided to give a name to this package, "ITIL-as-a-Service." We don't claim to have created something totally new and groundbreaking, but we do think that with our integrated platform, knowledgeable services team, and unmatched support, we can deliver on our promises and with a lower TCO than most other solutions. It turns out we have always been doing "ITIL-as-a-Service," we just call it that now.

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