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Is ITIL 2011 going to rock your world?

08/30/2011 by: The SunView Team

Perhaps because your attention was on other news, like the recent east coast earthquake or hurricane, you did not notice that a minor refresh of the ITIL V3 was released earlier this month. Announced as ITIL 2011 Edition, this refresh is not an earth shaking re-write, rather it is mostly an effort to clarify and correct some of the stickier points of ITIL V3. If you have not sat down and read these books cover to cover, perhaps the news that according to some this version is more readable, will motivate you to take up the task. Although, you should know that about 600 pages were added as they applied over 500 revisions.

Clearly it will take some time for the aftershocks to register, but an initial review shows that the essential areas of ITIL were not greatly impacted. The impact on Service Operations and Service Transition appear to be minor. Some critics had hoped for more changes in these areas, for example, incorporating more of the impact of cloud computing and the bigger role DevOps is playing.


Of course, the bottom line for ITIL and any changes to it, is how does it help your IT organization better serve the business and the customer, especially in light of the ridiculous, but oft repeated, theme in the media lately about the "the fall of IT department". If you buy into that theme, you are likely hoping ITIL 2011 will ride to the rescue and offer insight on how to fend off the barbarians at the gates. It seems maybe the new Service Strategy book is the primary attempt to do so.


So, in conclusion, while your world may not have been rocked by this refresh of ITIL, it is good to stay on top of where ITIL is headed. Meanwhile, if like many IT practitioners, you did not yet have your head fully around the prior version of ITIL, especially the essentials as they relate to Incident and Change Management, then you may want to watch these videos that SunView Software produced with George Spalding of Pink Elephant, in them, he also summarizes the changes to ITIL 2011 Edition.