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Under the Microscope: Investigating Why No Business Is Too Small for Advanced Change Management

05/06/2016 by: The SunView Team

Can a small business be too small for the things bigger businesses use every day?

It's worth considering. After all, staff size changes how a business reports tax and health care information. Practically speaking, small businesses don't need to invest in gigantic office spaces or mile-long boardroom tables. Cost efficacy in that regard is one of the reasons why so many small businesses exist in the first place.

However, IT service management is absolutely, most definitely not something small businesses should skimp on.

Change Brings People Together
When small businesses adopt ITSM change management suites for applications they run and software they distribute to consumers, they effectively onboard a few different actionable channels of communication.

But wait, you might wonder, isn't communication what small business does best? When you're working with only a handful of people, connecting and collaborating only gets easier, right?

Ideally yes, but a recent Gallup poll revealed four times as many employed Americans telecommute today than 20 years ago. It's not really safe to assume you can reach over and tap a coworker on the shoulder anymore. The business landscape is shifting, and so long as mobility continues to dominate commerce and intra-office communication, centralizing how coworkers exchange valuable information digitally really matters.

ITSM change management suites combine actionable tools, powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards on a single platform for everyone on your Change Advisory Board, even the ones out of the office or on the road.

Satisfy Paying Customers With Enhanced Security
In a 2015 report, small business web hosts Endurance International Group showed just how much small businesses care about cybersecurity - and their findings were probably not what you'd expect.

Although more than 9 out of every 10 respondents said they think about cybersecurity daily, 37 percent do not have cyber security defenses in place, nearly 60 percent have not invested in cybersecurity in the last year and about one-third have personally suffered at the hands of a data breach, attempted or otherwise. PCI DSS regulators have been clamping down on non-compliant businesses with huge fines, on top of whatever other financial penalties come from ineffective personal data management, like litigation or lost consumer confidence.

ITSM resources like all-in-one change management platforms with a CMDB prevent businesses small and large from accidentally allowing a porous configuration from leaking sensitive customer data. Proposed changes can be checked virtually before they're actually deployed to show how they might alter a configuration negatively. With change management and a CMDB, small businesses can stop worry about cybersecurity and actually do something about it.

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Agility to Navigate Market Competition
Whether the size of a small business is intentional or the byproduct of a newly burgeoning enterprise, larger corporations in their markets aren't going to go easy on it. SMBs need a plan for shoring up market prosperity without getting steamrolled by the big guys.

That said, the interplay between small and big businesses mirrors the age-old David and Goliath dynamic - big companies may be strong, but small businesses can be awfully nimble.

Harness and enhance the full potential of that agility with advanced ITSM change management. Powered by automated features, suites like ChangeGear eliminate repetitive, low-value tasks small business IT professionals would be better off leaving to "the robots."

Small businesses take on significant operational and commercial risks when they place too many manual steps between a request for change and its release. A slow change process robs small businesses of both their speed and their responsiveness. They ought to heavily consider an investment into streamlining and accelerating change management with automation to maintain the upper hand on Godzilla-sized competitors - many of whom, by the way, have already taken to automation.