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Internal IT Branding Key as Consumerization Rises

10/14/2014 by: The SunView Team

The idea of branding your IT department may not be something you normally think of, but the consumerization of IT market is changing how IT and business teams interact. With more users becoming aware of their various technology options and willing to seek out consumer-focused solutions if IT isn't, in their eyes, a better option, you need to be sure that your internal customers trust you. This means that the IT department must brand itself to develop and solidify a reputation for reliability, expertise and support excellence. Strategic IT service management investments can equip IT teams with the process management tools and support functionality they need to create a powerful internal brand.

Looking at the importance of internal branding in IT
A recent InformationWeek report explained that functional branding is becoming a popular idea in IT, and the whole idea is built around the need to create trust between IT and both internal and external customers. Industry expert Ken Baker told the news source that IT teams need to remember that a brand is not so much about what an organization defines itself as, rather, a brand is the embodiment of what an organization's customers think about it. Essentially, how an IT team differentiates itself from competition and is perceived by users will dictate how its functional brand takes shape.

Within this framework, Baker told InformationWeek that IT teams need to be intentional about branding.

"The IT department needs to become known as a partner," Baker told the news source. "IT should be famous for providing better solutions to serve end users, supporting the point of sale, and so on, rather than just delivering support where 'You tell us what you need, and we try to get to it.'"

Considering why IT needs to brand excellence
Many IT departments may have a reputation for being slow, unresponsive and restrictive. The reasoning is understandable. Technology teams need to analyze applications for their readiness and fit for the enterprise, test the solution within the configuration and then release it into production. In comparison, a user that needs a file sharing app, for example, can just download a free app on their smartphone and get to work.

This move toward consumerization has led to many enterprise employees thinking that IT can't keep up with their needs. Internal branding can help technology teams engage users, communicate why governance is so important and help users look at IT as the experts. Advanced ITSM solutions like service catalogs and knowledge centers give IT teams the tools they need to brand themselves and develop a good reputation with end users.