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Increase IT Project Success with Strong ITSM

08/05/2013 by: The SunView Team

Does your IT project success rank above the standard? Or are your projects stuck in the malaise of failure? The rate of success or conversely, failure is high with IT projects. Some of the factors are internal, within the IT Organization, many other factors are pressures from outside of our control.

37% of IT Projects FAIL

When you see that stat, is that surprising? If so, then it is time to look deeper at the causes. One way to better control your IT projects is with an ITIL-based ITSM solution. If you are interested in learning more, check out the offer below.

In the article, CIO analysis: Why 37 percent of projects fail, by Michael Krigsman, he quotes a study by project management consulting company, PM Solutions.

The study identifies five top causes of troubled projects:

  1. Requirements: Unclear, lack of agreement, lack of priority, contradictory, ambiguous, imprecise.
  2. Resources: Lack of resources, resource conflicts, turnover of key resources, poor planning.
  3. Schedules: Too tight, unrealistic, overly optimistic.
  4. Planning: Based on insufficient data, missing items, insufficient details, poor estimates.
  5. Risks: Unidentified or assumed, not managed.

At SunView Software we are a big fan of Pink Elephant and ChangeGear is a PinkVERIFY ITSM solution. PinkVERIFYTM is an internationally recognized IT Service Management (ITSM) tool suite assessment service. We have several Pink informational assets available for our readers, including:

  • Pink Elephant - Key Concepts of Incident Management
  • Pink Elephant - Key Concepts of Change Management

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

In the article by Troy DuMoulin, Managing Risks on ITSM Projects ITSM Projects are Tough - Plan to Succeed, he presents the lessons learned from failed projects. With proper planning the IT Organization can better manage the risks associated with IT project implementation. Using the PinkREADY methodology and toolkit, they reviewed 22 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) necessary for ITSM project success.

Here are the 5 key Risk Management process factors for controlling the outcome of IT projects:

  1. Identifying risks that may occur throughout the program's lifecycle (including post-deployment).
  2. Assessing / Ranking these risks to ascertain the probability of these risks occurring and the potential impact to the program if they do occur.
  3. Planning a mitigation strategy to deal with the higher impact, higher probability risks.
  4. Implementing the mitigation strategies and actions identified as necessary to project success.
  5. Managing / Communicating the risks throughout the improvement program and on-going operations to increase the chances for program success.

Planning, prep and scope are keys to a successful IT project. Having an ITSM solution in place can help drive your projects to successful completion.