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iCloud Hack, Are You Exposed?

08/09/2012 by: The SunView Team

Last Friday, hackers accessed the Apple iCloud account of Wired writer Mat Honan. After gaining access to his iCloud account, the hackers gained access to much of his digital life, including his Gmail, and Twitter accounts. The hackers destroyed all data from Honan's iPhone, iPad and hisMacBook Pro. On his Twitter account they posted racist and homophobic messages.

"In the space of one hour, my entire digital life was destroyed," Honan said in a Wired article.

Cloud services are convenient and anyone who has an iPad knows that Apple pushes customers to use iCloud. They are not alone, Google's entire operating system is cloud-based and Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system is heavily cloud-based. Many sites, similar to iCloud suggest single sign-on or use of your Social Media login for various services.

Events like the recent hacking of Honan's accounts emphasize the need for your IT department to assess the risks involved with each Cloud-based service implemented. But you cannot assess what you cannot see. The solution: build an effective Service Asset & Configuration Management System that contains all services and systems that are used in the organization, including Cloud-based services.

Having an established configuration management system coupled with strong password policies and best practices will help reduce the risk exposure from incidents like the iCloud hack. If your company is increasingly relying on Cloud-based services and storage, your IT team should perform a risk analysis today and begin the journey of implementing a Service Asset & Configuration Management System.

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