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HPE Compensation Disaster Highlights Need for Change Management

07/29/2016 by: The SunView Team

Sometimes it's worth re-evaluating your change management processes in order to mitigate risk and protect your organization from disaster. A recent story highlights the need for an effective change management solution.

Hewlett-Packard reorganizes, compensation tracking breaks down
More than half a year after the Hewlett Packard split into HP Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in late 2015, Business Insider reported HPE has had difficulty paying its sales staff appropriately and with regularity due to glitches in its compensation tracking platform.

Due to these issues, the company had reportedly miscalculated upwards of $50,000 of employee sales workers' pay after the split, resulting in a logistical nightmare for the entire organization.

Why it pays to have IT change management processes
As bad as the situation with HPE got, there are substantial benefits to enterprise payroll software: greater uniformity and management of compensation data, fewer resources devoted to human resources to manage a complex system, etc. However, to reap the advantages of any enterprise software, payroll or otherwise, businesses require agile ITSM to track backend software changes and notify appropriate personnel of technical issues as soon as they arise.

An IT department supported by advanced change management suites such as ChangeGear would have had a number of features at their disposal to prevent issues similar to what HPE experienced:

  • Centralized ITSM pipeline: Incident, problem and change all funneled into one interface, so no tickets go unnoticed and no issues go unanswered.
  • In-depth monitoring capabilities for RFCs: IT departments can drill down and analyze every change on the docket, in progress or already released with transparency and granularity.
  • Reduced change cycle time through automation: Not only can advanced ITSM software fast-track emergency changes through a change advisory board as soon as they appeared, but automated features like dependency mapping and regression testing accelerate the ITSM workflow, as well as ensure the integrity of its alterations.

Any business hoping to gain a competitive advantage through enterprise software should think about the value of change management as one of its priority investment.

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