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How to Maximize and Calculate Service Desk ROI

03/04/2015 by: The SunView Team

Creating a significant return on investment is a high priority when it comes to technology investments, and IT leaders can't afford to have the IT service desk become a cost sink. Value is essential if technology and support managers want business executives to get behind any initiative for service desk investment. As such, you need to be able to demonstrate the potential ROI of your proposed solution in order to showcase how you are fine tuning the investment and maximizing your ROI.

Make the service desk a catalyst for efficiency
Workers need to be empowered to reach their full potential. Technology tools can either get in their way, or provide the functionality they need to get better at their jobs. A good IT service desk achieves the lofty goal of empowering workers for the better as long as organizations are able to focus on the tools that allow the solution to work properly as a key efficiency mechanism.

Incident management platforms help support teams deal with basic user issues quickly and with minimal disruption to their day, while problem management can solve underlying flaws and make some incidents disappear entirely. At the same time, self-service tools help non-tech users solve their own problems and business process automation tools can help workers interact with teams seamlessly. Altogether, these tools that promote efficiency play a key role in delivering an ROI by helping your technology and support teams work to the best of their abilities.

Service Desk Replacement Guide


Calculating service desk ROI
After improving efficiency to maximize ROI, you need to seriously evaluate your system to make sure it is generating the returns you expect. Calculating your ROI can help you fine tune your system and make the most intelligent upgrades possible over time. The key to successfully calculating ROI is to identify how much it costs to resolve an incident with a Level 1 engineer and how much it costs when you escalate up to Level 2 support workers. We have a handy blog covering this issue here.

Once you have this data, you can look at how often you were escalating incidents to Level 2 engineers and calculate the extra costs. From there, you can look at how you've improved efficiency and eliminated the need to unnecessarily depend on Level 2 support personnel, leading to a direct and calculable ROI.

Working to first maximize, then calculate your ROI can put you in a position to generate as much value as possible from your ITIL investments.