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How to Accommodate Enterprise Roles on the Service Desk

04/28/2015 by: The SunView Team

Finding success with your IT service management strategies is highly dependent on having enough diversity within your staff to handle the wide range of support tasks that come into play on an everyday basis. You need to have people on the IT service desk that are extremely skilled at providing personal support that makes end users feel heard and understood, but you also much have tech specialists who can untangle extremely complex IT issues. On top of this, you need everybody to have enough information to handle basic incidents efficiently and collaborate effectively.

The varied roles that come into play in an organization's ITSM strategies create clear operational challenges. You can't treat each user the same, and need to give different employees access to customized dashboards that provide them with the right information based on their specific operational roles. Let's take a look at three specific service desk roles and how you can fine tune your solution to maximize the value of these user groups:

Role 1: Internal IT Workers
Your internal IT staff will be the primary user type working on your service desk unless you have a dedicated support team and IT is only used for functions like change and project management. Either way, your IT staff will be playing a critical role on your service desk and need to be given the tools necessary to interact with the right support tickets and information at the right times. Often the best way to accomplish this is to give users the freedom to customize their dashboards based on their specific needs. System admins, for example, will need ready access to high-priority tickets, knowledge centers and change management modules. Managers, on the hand, will need approval requests to pop up on the dashboard so they can quickly analyze the situation and respond. They will also need easier access to metrics.

Customization is key for your internal IT staff because these workers will handle such a wide array of tasks that you wll need to give them freedom to make their service desk dashboard work for them.

Role 2: External IT Users
Many organizations work with IT service providers to either offer third-party hosting services or support a specific portion of the IT configuration. The key for this group is to give them easy access to robust collaboration tools. They will need to interact with your internal IT teams and end users quickly and easily to resolve any issues and provide support. As such, giving them a support dashboard that provides immediate access to collaboration features will equip them to work as efficiently as possible.

Role 3: End Users
Whether you are dealing with enterprise employees or consumers, end users can play a huge role in your ITSM setup. You need to train them to submit tickets so they can get help as efficiently as possible. This is vital, as users need to know what information to put into a support ticket, how they should follow up and when they can try to resolve an issue on their own.

An increasingly tech-savvy culture is creating an environment in which your support and IT teams don't have to deal with every incident. You can improve services for end users dramatically if you let them help themselves. Give customers access to self-service portals and knowledge centers and they will be able to handle many basic incidents without having to submit a support ticket. Training is key here, of course, but a small investment in user education can lead to huge efficiency benefits for an organization.

There is a great deal for businesses to consider as they try to reach different user groups in their ITSM landscape. However, offering a nuanced service desk experience delivers so much value that investing in specialized solutions is well worth the effort.

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