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How Super Bowl Ads Can Improve Your Help Desk

02/04/2013 by: The SunView Team

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Or should I ask, did you watch the Super Bowl ads? Funny, but the ads have begun to outpace the popularity of the game itself. The ads are all the talk around the office.

According to a survey from Lab42, Super Bowl commercials rate much higher than the game itself. 38.8% of those surveyed cite commercials as their favorite part of the Super Bowl, whereas 28.8% cite the game.

Which ad was your favorite? I liked the Mercedes Benz "soul" ad and the Oreo ad was unexpected. Yes, we all like the ads, but, how on earth can I try to juxtapose the Super Bowl and the ads to the Help Desk and improved customer service? Well, before I unveil the magic, if you are reading this, then you may be thinking of improving your Help Desk / Service Desk. If so, please check out the offer below.

Surprise, it is not magic, just the opposite. For months I have been talking about the fact that the Service Desk is in large part responsible for the entire image of the IT Organization. One of my posts with the most compelling metrics is Doing the Math for Service Desk ROI. In that post, I explain that only 4% of the average IT budget is spent on end-user support yet, 84% of the reputation of the IT Organization is build directly from the Service Desk.

Juxtaposition 101:

If you think of TV programming as simply a method to deliver advertisements, then you can see that each TV show, whether it is a drama, comedy or sporting event is only created for and distributed on TV to show ads. Let me repeat that, TV shows only exists so you can be shown the ads. The more eyeballs watching a show, the more revenue from the ads. Thus the Super Bowl is the Mother of all TV shows. And so is the cost for an average ad on the 2013 Super Bowl.

"We don't confirm exact pricing, since all spots are sold with different considerations and often in different packages," said CBS spokesman Dana McClintock, in an e-mail to CNNMoney. "But it's safe to say that spots are going for $4 million each, and in some cases more."

So, if we think about the Help Desk / Service Desk staff as the TV shows, then we only want the best, most customer-centric, highly skilled front end staff with the best in class ITIL-based easy to use ITSM solution. Because in the end, since the entire image, and therefore budget for the IT Organization is based in large part on the end user experience, you should try to maximize the value of the Service Desk and not focus on trying to minimize the cost.

Just as there are sites for voting for the best Super Bowl ads, you should dedicate a lot of your management efforts on rewards and recognition of your best front end staff. As you can read in a previous post, this is not Gamification. This is sound, business-objective focused, support of your Service Desk staff.

So let's get the "I" out of ITSM, oops, I meant, there is no "I" in TEAM. Go Service Desk Team!

Flickr Image by Au Kirk