How Service Desk AI Can Reduce Resolution Times

11/10/2016 by: The SunView Team

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, or so the saying goes. In the world of IT service management, this sentiment also rings true.

Is Your Tired, Old Service Desk Slowing You Down?
To keep resolution times short and quality high, service desk professionals must be able to quickly reference and leverage their organization's own historical data. However, many service desk solutions make it difficult for IT staff to quickly investigate ticket history in order gain the insights they need and resolve an incident.

  • Cumbersome UI - Usability is key. If an IT staff user spends too much time navigating menus to consistently find the data they need to resolve a ticket, than those wasted seconds will quickly add up over time. Ultimately this can negatively impact your organization's estimated resolution times.
  • No context for unfinished work - Sometimes, staff users need to reference previous incident tickets to better contextualize the ones they're working through. Many service desks lack a quick and easy way to do this, which tacks on more time to a technician's already busy schedule, or worse, skipping this step altogether.
  • No big-picture viewpoint - Discovering trends in tickets can prevent small recurring issues from becoming catastrophic problems. However, if the service desk lacks the intelligence to analyze data and predict trends, than it puts more workload on the users, which depending on some datasets, can be thousands of tickets, user records, interactions, etc., to work through.
  • No innovation in ITSM - Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools need access to organizational data to function - that's how they learn and grow. So, if support techs aren't equipped with AI processes designed from the ground up to mine and draw insights from their service desk data history, than ITSM operations will be left in the dust.


Reduce Resolution Times With Smarter ITSM

Intelligent service desk solutions should be taking full advantage of advanced AI for service desk technologies to better facilitate faster ITSM operations, better decision-making and "single pane of glass" enhancements for working requests.

First, with each iterative session performed in the software by service desk professionals, the AI behind the scenes becomes smarter and more attuned to end users' support requests and how to resolve them. The result is an intelligent service desk that provides predictive analytics, intuitive in-ticket field recommendations and contextual suggestions for the fastest, most accurate method for resolution based on historical data.

Ticket fulfillment has never been easier. Service desk professionals with intelligent ITSM have the power to leverage years of historical data in ways that improve resolution quality quickly. Even better, with easier, automated access to previous incidents, it's more likely to contribute to the overall knowledge of your organization in ways that manifest as a stronger knowledge base, better communication with end users, and more. With AI propelling ITSM forward, service desk professionals can handle more tickets with fewer hang-ups, all while serving their users at lightning speed.

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