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How Do You Define Your Workspace?

11/11/2014 by: The SunView Team

What is your workspace? For some people, they work in a traditional office, maybe they only have a desk, maybe they get a private cubicle or maybe they operate in an open office environment. Of course, technologies like cloud computing and trends like widespread mobile device use are letting people work from a wider range of locations. So your workspace could be the cafe, the gym, a home office or even a park if there is public Wi-Fi available.

With all of this in mind, chances are that you don't just have one workspace. Instead, you probably get the job done from a variety of locations and have a diverse workspace. However, if you are an IT support worker you also have a virtual workspace. Your dashboard, various workflow modules and other systems all need to be accessible. You also need to have the right data in the right places.

How should your IT service management workspace look?
There are a variety of options out there for optimizing your service desk dashboard and workspace. The best solution for your business is a system that meets your specific needs. Like your physical workspace, you need your service desk space to deliver the look, feel and functionality you need. In light of the demand for flexibility, you need a service desk setup that is adaptable enough to be adjusted to meet various user needs. Customization is particularly critical.

If you had to give a quick answer to what your ITSM workspace should look like, the best answer may be that it should look different for each user. In your IT service management setup, you are going to have different user groups who have a variety of tasks they need to accomplish. Your support teams need to access tickets and quickly meet customer demands. Your IT workers, on the other hand, need to make sure they don't spend too much time on these types of day-to-day tasks and instead focus on dealing with underlying configuration changes and problems.

These are just two of the user groups that need to have an ITSM workspace. You also have IT support managers that need to look at operations from a top-down perspective and business leaders who play a role in aligning support, IT and corporate operations. These different user groups will need vastly different ITSM workspaces, and the freedom to customize their dashboard and work areas.

Aligning the physical and the virtual
A workspace is primarily focused on driving process efficiency by eliminating barriers to effective workflow management. However, managing a workspace is also about creating a culture that encourages employees to operate effectively. Creating such a culture is increasingly about letting workers control their workspace so they can balance their work and life priorities while also getting the job done in a way that works for them. All of this points to customization, but it also emphasizes the value created when you have a virtual workspace that is accessible to employees regardless of where they are working.

One of the greatest advantages of an increasingly digital work environment is the ability to let users create their workspace. If somebody is extremely stressed, they can stay at home on a given day and access the same virtual workspace they would have in the office and work in a more comfortable environment. This creates an overarching work culture that puts the emphasis on employee satisfaction and empowers them to operate flexibly. In the end, the physical and virtual workspace combine to create an employee experience, and a good service desk creates so much freedom in the virtual workspace that workers can take control of their operational environment.

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