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Government IT Leaders Engaging With the Cloud

11/07/2013 by: The SunView Team

Cloud computing is emerging as a dominant technology trend in a wide range of sectors, including government. However, the cloud also creates a variety of unique operational challenges that can create service management difficulties. This could present problems for government technology managers, as a recent study found that many government entities are beginning to seriously explore moving to the cloud.

According to recent research from Unisys, many state and local governments have begun a fairly large-scale migration to the cloud. Approximately 32 percent of government IT leaders polled said they have already transitioned to the cloud. Another 14 percent said they are planning to do so.

Respondents told Unisys that integrating the cloud with existing technologies, migrating legacy systems to the cloud and complying with regulatory standards are among the greatest challenges to supporting the cloud.

Advanced IT service desk solutions featuring a change management platform can play a vital role in overcoming these cloud roadblocks. Such solutions create the transparency needed to support change processes, making it easier to integrate different technologies effectively. Furthermore, the technology also creates an audit trail that makes it much easier to keep pace with regulatory challenges.