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Getting Started with ITIL: A Practical 3 Step Guide

10/26/2011 by: The SunView Team

If you work in IT, you probably have heard of ITIL, you probably even know it stands for IT Infrastructure Library, and about some of the processes it covers. If that is the extent of your knowledge you may not be comfortable recommending ITIL for your company, but we think you can get started with ITIL, in 3 Practical steps, without being an expert.

Read About ITIL

There are five books in the recently released ITIL V3 library. If you have time to read them all, please do, if you do not, there are some other options for you. A good place to start is this PDF from itSMF that gives a high-level overview in under 60 pages (link). If you would prefer a paperback, The Visible Ops Handbook: Implementing ITIL in 4 Practical and Auditable Steps, is another short but good choice.

Pick Processes That Fit

There are 16 official processes in the ITIL V3 library. You should focus on a set of processes that match your organization. Of course, we recommended what we like to call the "four essential processes." These processes are Service Catalog, Service Desk, Change Management, and Configuration Management (CMDB). Doing this will help narrow your scope so you can focus on your strategy and automation.

50 Reasons You Need ITSM

Use Software for Automation
Automation software not only removes much of the manual work from trying to adhere to ITIL, it also comes with out-of-the-box ITIL workflows to allow for easier implementation. The workflows quickly instate a process for your IT department to follow. For example, out-of-the-box our product ChangeGear® can automate the process of approvals for a change request, making sure that the right employees are contacted before the change is made.
Getting started with ITIL is easy. It doesn't take an ITIL expert to start following the standards. If you want to expedite the process, SunView Software and ChangeGear can be your guide.

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