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Getting Started: An ITSM Solution Guide

11/11/2011 by: The SunView Team

A help desk analysis study in 2009 by Gartner stated that 86% of help desk cost can be attributed to staffing. Companies obviously heard this as both outsourcing and layoffs have been a key part of the reorganization of many IT teams. Even attributing some of this to the economic crisis of the past three years, there has been a concerted effort to draw in what was once a rapid expansion of overhead in the form of human, help desk capital.

Unfortunately, in many cases, while much attention is given to staffing levels, the systems and tools the remaining staff was left to work with were ignored. At the same time the volume of requests and incidents, as well as the breadth and scope of what an IT team supports, has grown exponentially. As these teams feel this pinch, being pushed near the brink, organizations are finally starting to make moves to improve internal systems - looking for additional room to cut cost, while modernizing their IT infrastructure at the same time.

Older systems, tending to be less intuitive for both IT personnel and general users, present a bottleneck of frustration. To combat this, modifications are made, but typically require dedicated in-house development, or external contractors - again both costly investments.

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

Naturally, teams start to look at evaluating the potential of replacing their existing system, hoping this will provide a gain in efficiency in their IT Service Management operation. However, this also results in the issuance of a daunting task - researching and determining what capabilities and requirements a new system should have. Often, the unlucky individual or team saddled with this burden has no idea where to start. Of course, there are plenty of issues they need to solve, but figuring out which system closely meets their requirements is in no way easy. Taking that back even one more step, they start to falter at trying to decide just want those requirements are.

For this reason, we have created the ITSM Solution Guide: 50 Key Questions. While this guide is a perfect tool for those teams that are having trouble finding a place to begin, it also works for those that have already started. To download the guide, click on the image below.