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Getting the Service Desk Ready for Big Data

11/21/2013 by: The SunView Team

Change Mangement

Big data is becoming one of the most transformative trends impacting IT departments. Forget about the cloud, well, don't actually forget about the cloud, but start thinking about the cloud in the context of big data, because chances are you're going to start having to consider analytics in just about every IT strategy. You see, big data, as its name implies, is really big, I mean, it is ridiculously complicated and forces organizations to deal with information at an overwhelming scale.

A recent Big Data Republic report illustrated the problem of big data scale by pointing out that there are only two ways to really deal with the amount of information coming into big data. The first is to establish a robust array of filters so that you can actually stop and look at the small bits of data that will potentially be intriguing on their own. The other option is to not bother with filtering - the process is incredibly complex anyway - and instead look at big data as a whole and hope some patterns stick out.

This illustration of big data's scale emphasizes just how transformative the technology is. In the end, few, if any organizations, are going to be able to handle big data without complete revisions to how they manage their IT setup and establish infrastructure. We're not just talking about adding more storage capacity either. Big data creates capacity and performance challenges, making disruptive technologies like flash storage a key consideration.

In other words, the IT service desk needs to get ready for change, lots of change - constant change in fact - and automation may be the only way to keep up.

Big Data's Impact on Change Management
Big data, in the end, doesn't really mean anything until users are actually able to put that information into action. This process spells out major application changes and updates as more companies try to fine tune various services to support big data-related processes. In response, service desk teams need to be prepared to get the job done more effectively. The reason is simple - big data creates incredible value, but it does so by giving organizations a strategic and competitive edge over competitors.

If you want your company to gain an edge over the competition, you can only pull that off if you are able to gather, process and analyze the information more quickly than the rest of your industry. If an application glitch, for example, is preventing customer service representatives from using big data to improve consumer interactions, you could lose key relationships to your competitors. This can happen in every aspect of operations as big data becomes more pervasive, and IT needs to get responsive enough to keep up with all of these changes. This is where advanced service desk solutions that feature change management become so important.

Using Automation to Manage Change

Process automation can help manage IT change and give you the functionality you need to organize change more effectively. Automation makes this possible by documenting operational processes, creating an audit trail and alleviating day-to-day burdens. This functionality is integral to success with big data as IT teams need to handle a large volume of sensitive information and ensure their change processes function in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

The big data movement centers around the idea of using information to improve decision making, market awareness, customer interaction, marketing and strategic planning. With so many critical areas affected by big data, IT teams must respond by becoming more strategic and using technology more effectively on their end. Advanced service desk platforms can make this possible.