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Get the Service Desk in Shape When Considering Third-Party IT Services

10/23/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk

Moving IT systems out of the corporate data center and into the cloud, to a colocation facility or into the hands of another third-party IT hosting service, can help organizations simplify their internal operations, keep costs under control and overcome some staffing barriers that have been holding them back. However, it also creates an added layer of complexity from a management perspective because IT teams must deal with a data center without walls. Advanced IT service desk solutions can play a vital part in helping organizations deal with a data center without walls.

Adapting to the data center without walls
The data center without walls movement refers to the growing trend toward expanding corporate data center functionality into third-party environments. Whether you are thinking about the cloud, turning to colocation or getting involved in some other specialized hosting service, you are putting yourself in a position where the data center is going to expand beyond the initial corporate walls. This creates security challenges in terms of figuring out who owns and controls data at different phases. It also generates authorization issues as employees need to receive passwords and other credentials to access resources housed at alternative locations.

In many ways, expanding the data center beyond its walls simplifies day-to-day hardware management processes and cuts costs, but does so by adding more strategic management tasks. As a result, a more advanced help desk or service desk can play a vital role in enabling IT teams to overcome the challenges associated with a data center without walls.

Understanding the breadth of the challenge
You may be thinking that you don't really have to worry about the data center without walls movement because, as things stand, you don't have any hosting strategies planned. Well, you may want to get ready for change. A recent Savvis study found that 70 percent of all IT systems will be housed in a third-party service facility, such as the cloud or a colocation center, by 2018. That stands in stark contrast to current trends, as 65 percent of IT systems are currently managed in-house. Jeff Von Deylen, president for Savvis, explained that hosting use is set for impressive expansion.

"The next five years will bring a dramatic shift in the way organizations approach IT," said Von Deylen. "Clearly, cloud is part of the picture but it's not the whole picture. As businesses grow and move more IT infrastructure to outsourcing providers, they will adopt a strategic mix of colocation, managed-hosting and cloud services."

If you don't want to get caught behind the data center without walls curve, it may be time to start advancing your service desk architectures.