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Gamification, is it all hype?

12/03/2012 by: The SunView Team

So, some of my co-workers here at SunView Software have asked if I had access to a crystal ball or a pre-release copy of the recent Gartner Report on Gamification. After I was done with patting myself on the back, I had to say a resounding - maybe. I mean, how could I possibly have released my blog post before the Gartner report and hit the nail on the head so well.

Everyone knows that the analysts are simply a barometer and if you are paying attention, you will see the truth without an analyst's opinion. That said, it is nice to have my blog post's points validated by the analysts at Gartner and I can now say,

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Thanks for clicking on the rest of my post. I really do appreciate all of the readers out there and would like to send a special thanks to those who share The ITSM Lens with their colleagues.

Really, all I was doing was stating the obvious. I have some background in the gaming industry and worked for a Rewards and Recognition company as well. So, when I see ITSM software solution providers attempting to use Gamification in their products, I have to shake my head. I believe in the concepts surrounding Rewards and Recognition, including staff engagement. But everything that I have seen tells me that these companies don't know anything about either Gamification or Rewards and Recognition. Therefore, the solution is sure to be a poor match for a corporation's objective around KPIs and engagement.

"The focus is on the obvious game mechanics, such as points, badges and leader boards, rather than the more subtle and more important game design elements, such as balancing competition and collaboration, or defining a meaningful game economy," Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner said. "As a result, in many cases, organizations are simply counting points, slapping meaningless badges on activities and creating gamified applications that are simply not engaging for the target audience. Some organizations are already beginning to cast off poorly designed gamified applications."

So, to my faithful readers I would say, "Try to see through the hype of Gamification of ITSM and focus with your business objectives, not a vendor's smoke and mirrors."

Flickr Image by tsheko