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Four CMDB Features that Can Make Your Job Easier

10/04/2011 by: The SunView Team

As IT departments continue to mature, many are looking to add full suites of software to their Service Desk. While many are choosing to add change management, some IT directors are also looking to take their department to the next level with the addition of Configuration Management (CMDB). We make the case why you should have CMDB too.

1. Auto-Discovery

No more logging in servers by hand. A competent CMDB can search your system and pull back all of the items connected to your network down to the details of even the version number of software. We call our auto-discovery tool the Resource Discovery Expert - It automatically discovers applications, servers, and network devices to provide visibility and insight into your virtual and physical IT infrastructure

2. Dependency Mapping
This is one of the most commonly requested features of a CMDB. The dependency map shows a visual hierarchy of your system so it is easy to see what will be affected if you make any changes. This also can be auto-generated so you do not have to draw your own system map.
Gain unparalleled visibility into the IT infrastructure with visual mapping of CIs, their dependencies, and relationships. These graphical representations are critical for assessing the impact of potential changes, troubleshooting, and root-cause analysis.
3. Integration with System

A CMDB integrating into your service desk or as an option in a full service suite allows you to get the most of out of your CMDB. The dependency mapping allows you to make more thought out changes with less risk. Your Service Desk team will be able to better diagnose incidents and problems by having immediate access to configuration details and dependencies. With a full suite you will never have to switch pages or programs to find this information.

4. Configuration Auditing
CMDB automation can monitor hardware and software change, alert IT staff of unauthorized network changes/access and maintains audit trail of change activities.

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