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Finding the Service Desk Sweet Spot

09/26/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service desk

Companies considering an investment in an IT help desk or service desk architecture must carefully evaluate their own needs and choose a solution that is the right fit. It can be easy to get caught up in hype, potential and potential cost savings, but the total value of a solution is created through efficient use over time. As a result, a flexible solution that meets a company's needs at the moment and is adaptable for the future can prove integral to maximizing the return on investment.

Understand help desk requirements
An internal assessment is vital to finding a service desk that can get the job done for an organization. There is a chance that a business may only need a robust help desk. In other cases, IT teams may require a service desk or even a complete IT service management platform. Selecting the right solution and ensuring it is equipped to meet operational needs depends on understanding both short- and long-term IT plans.

Having a clear vision of what IT functions are in place, what needs to be added, how business and IT should be aligned and what fiscal issues are in place can guide a service desk investment.

Ensuring adaptability
A company that has a fairly basic IT configuration and only wants a help desk that is more efficient than its current model does not necessarily need to upgrade to a service desk. However, you may also find that your business wants to introduce a service catalog in just a few years. Purchasing a service desk right away could lead to wasted money until the more advanced functions are in place. However, an overly simplistic help desk that is not adaptable can get in the way of future innovation.

This is where choosing a help desk that is the right size to meet your current needs and is adaptable in the future is critical. Organizations can maximize value and ROI when their help desk is able to get the job done, but be easily upgraded over time. If you have a help desk that cannot be customized and enhanced over time, you end up needing to install an entirely new solution. This creates excess capital costs and limits the overarching value of the service desk.

Many businesses are beginning to recognize value and ROI as essential elements of IT success. Establishing a service desk with the right functions for a company's needs is integral to ensuring fiscal control with technological systems.

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