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Ethernet's Rise May Force Auto Dealers to Rethink the IT Service Desk

11/12/2014 by: The SunView Team

If you're an automobile manufacturer, you've mostly only had to worry about IT processes from an internal perspective. Sure, various technologies play a key role in cars, but most of them don't end up facing the end user. As such, IT service management strategies have generally focused on supporting business users as they try to get the job done. However, technology use is changing across the automotive sector and more IT systems are being integrated into vehicles. This could create an environment in which automobile manufacturers need to take a close look at their IT service management strategies and make sure they are ready to handle more interaction with external customers.

The recent rise of Ethernet solutions in automobiles highlights the transition to increased IT service demand in the sector.

Ethernet in cars
A recent Computerworld report explained that major vehicle manufacturers are starting to integrate Ethernet functionality into their various models. Citing Frost & Sullivan, the news source explained that high-end models will feature upwards of 40 or 50 Ethernet ports, while entry-level vehicles will have 10 Ethernet ports, as early as 2020. This prediction may be dealing with the somewhat distant future, but increased Ethernet use is already happening.

The article explained that one car manufacturer recently announced plans to use Ethernet to interconnect various entertainment, infotainment and vehicle systems. The auto industry currently stands at a crossroads in which a variety of audio, video and information technologies are being integrated into cars, and network investments are coming in response.

Understanding the importance of ITSM investments
This year has been such a bad time for automobile recalls that many experts are dubbing it the "Year of the Recall." Faulty vehicles have put incredible negative attention on the automotive sector and car manufacturers that want to build customer confidence cannot afford to have future solutions, whether they are apps integrated into an infotainment system or critical safety technologies, work incorrectly.

Of course, technologies are going to have glitches, bugs and problems. It is inevitable. This means that car manufacturers must be prepared to provide rapid support to users when it comes to various apps and services that are integrated into cars, but not working correctly. Compnaies can get ahead of the problem by investing in more advanced, customer-facing IT service desk solutions. This could go a long way toward empowering support teams to meet user demands and maintain consumer confidence.

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