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Driving IT Process Improvement with ITIL and OBASHI

07/15/2013 by: The SunView Team


If you are a regular reader of the ITSM Lens blog posts, then you know that we have written previous posts on agile, six sigma and other process methodologies. We are always trying to find better ways to implement our ITIL-based framework of processes.

Another process methodology that is a great fit for the ITIL processes used in a mature ITSM environment is OBASHI.

The OBASHI methodology provides a framework and method for capturing, illustrating and modeling the relationships, dependencies and dataflows between business and Information technology (IT) assets and resources in a business context. It is a formal and structured way of communicating the logical and physical relationships and dependencies between IT assets and resources (Ownership, Business Processes, Applications, Systems, Hardware, and Infrastructure) to define the business services of a modern enterprise.

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The methodology entails capturing, documenting, modeling, analysing, simulating and optimizing the cost / value of the flow of data between assets and business resources. These Layers provide the framework for organising the elements that represent individual Business or IT assets / resources.

The six layers are:

  1. Ownership
  2. Business Process
  3. Application
  4. System
  5. Hardware
  6. Infrastructure

They are collectively known as OBASHI

You can see a great overview presentation on the pairing of OBASHI and ITIL on the IT Training Zone site. You will get an understanding of how your IT Organization can utilize OBASHI methodology to improve your ITSM processes including:

The implementation of an ITIL framework will help to build a mature IT Organization. When combined with OBASHI or other methodology, an ITIL implementation will help make you into an IT Champion.