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Don't Limit Support Ticketing to IT

12/04/2013 by: The SunView Team

Beyond IT, ticketing solution

IT service desk solutions that emphasize advanced ticketing functionality can help technology teams coordinate their efforts and more rapidly respond to support requests. This is accomplished through a ticket workflow that passes incidents, problems and change requests between users efficiently and makes it much easier for managers to track progress.

This advanced functionality can be a boon for IT departments, leading to major operational gains. However, businesses should not limit this functionality to the IT service desk, as they can benefit substantially from strategic ticketing solutions in other work groups.

For example, a facilities team at a university can use a ticketing solution to manage their high volume of requests for setting up different rooms for various groups, making repairs around campus and dealing with other duties. In this sort of setting, the ticketing system can give students and faculty the ability to submit a request, automatically forward that ticket to the appropriate part of the facilities team and track which requests have been dealt with.

The organization and coordination enabled by advanced ticketing solutions can pay off in other business departments where collaboration is key on common projects, such as accounting. All told, many business groups can benefit from the ticketing solutions used by the IT service desk, making advanced incident and change management technologies a vital tool for many companies to consider.