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Don't Ignore Change Management in the Network

01/16/2014 by: The SunView Team

Change management

Businesses commonly look at the network as a background function that operates almost like a separate part of IT. This sometimes means that the network does not get the attention it needs from the IT service desk. Neglecting the network in operations can prove problematic, however, as many emerging technologies are putting pressure on businesses to offer a more flexible, adaptable network setup. At the same time, a recent study from the Ipswitch Network Management Division found that operational problems are becoming a major issue for network administrators.

A recent Baseline report analyzing the study explained that operational challenges, such as problems created by users and maintenance issues, are becoming such a common occurrence that many network administrators find they do not have the time to work on projects to upgrade networks.

Looking at network-related operational challenges
The news source explained that network issues related to the connectivity systems themselves and to user-related incidents have become incredibly common. Approximately 60 percent of participants in the study explained that they spend at least 40 percent of their time at work responding to incidents and problems with the network. This poses a major concern for businesses because it means highly-trained professionals are not using their skills and knowledge to work on projects that drive business value. Instead, they are spending their energy to resolve problems as they come up. Putting out IT fires is critical, but it does not deliver value to the business.

While resolving issues does not create a considerable return for the time investment, solutions that reduce the amount of time spent dealing with incidents and problems does generate value. This is where advanced service desk systems and change management platforms can really pay dividends. The time may have arrived that businesses need to stop looking at the network as a background consideration and begin looking at connectivity technologies as a key component of their service management strategies.

Using change management to improve network maintenance
Networks feature a large number of interconnected parts that can be difficult to manage. In many cases, businesses will label each cable in use to make sure its source and destination is clear. These types of techniques allow for effective manual maintenance, but can also be time consuming, especially as some incidents, especially user ones, can be solved automatically with a good scripting solution in place. An effective change management can introduce the process automation necessary in this area and equip network administrators to resolve hardware-related issues much more effectively.