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Doing the Math for Service Desk ROI

09/17/2012 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk ROI

If you are considering improving your Service Desk software, I have got good news for you. Recently, I attended a webinar presented by MetricNet, the leading source of on-line benchmarks, scorecards, and performance metrics for corporate managers worldwide. Eric Zbikowski, the Managing Partner, gave a captivating presentation with valuable information.

A key to reducing costs while improving customer satisfaction is to have a modern Service Desk solution

There were some fascinating statistics presented on benchmarking your IT organization with regards to the Service Desk software. The most eye opening number was 4%. 4% is the corporate IT spending breakdown on end-user support. Wow, you probably already knew that number, as you have a similar one in your organization. But what was fascinating was that instead of trying to minimize costs, an IT organization should be trying to maximize value. It sounds so obvious yet counterintuitive.

I want to note 2 other numbers, $22 and $62. Those two numbers represent the cost of support at Level 1 and Level 2 Desktop Support. But the $62 is really $62 + $22 = $84, because the Level 1 representative escalated the request. So escalating a request to Level 2 cost nearly 4 times as much.

The Big Question
How can you maximize the value of your Service Desk solution? Simple, better training, resources and support services at Level 1. This would include a best-in-class ITIL-based ITSM solution to manage your user requests. If your Service Desk is not using an integrated ITSM solution, it is time to consider the bottom line impact this solution will bring to your IT organization. And if you are currently using a legacy solution, it may be time to move on!

According to the webinar, when users are asked to name the items that are very important in overall satisfaction with IT, they name Service Desk (84%) and Desktop Support (47%). Wow, the numbers are staggering. This isn't satisfaction with the Service Desk, this is satisfaction with the IT department. That is correct, the other 96% of your budget.

If your Service Desk could close a higher percentage of requests without escalation, imagine the savings. Along with the hard dollar savings, by closing more tickets at Level 1, your Service Desk team will significantly raise the level of your customer satisfaction for the entire IT organization. And it gets better.

50 Questions for Building ITSM Requirements

The most amazing number of all, productive hours lost per employee per year. Not surprising, the top performer in support, also had the lowest loss of productive hours per employee. Compared to the lowest performers, the top performers improved productive time by nearly 30 hours per year. How much are those 30 hours worth to your company? Now multiply those 30 by the total number of employees at your company. Want to perform some amazing math? Try to calculate 30 hours per company executive - that is how much improving your service desk is worth. You can help the company add nearly 1 extra week of productive hours per employee per year.

If you are building a business case for improved Service Desk, these numbers are your best friend. So not only did your well-trained Service Desk staff using their best-in-class ITSM solution solve the customer's issue on the first tier of service and save $62, but this solution also raises customer satisfaction dramatically and increased productivity by 30 hours per year per employee.

You are an IT Champion!

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