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Do More with Less with a Better Service Desk

10/07/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk, Help Desk, Change Management

Tax reform, fiscal efficiency and budget wars are all emerging as common themes in government. The resulting turmoil has been a fairly unified message across federal agencies and departments to get more done while spending less money. In many cases, this goal has echoed down into state, county and local governments as well, all of which face pressure to be more transparent to ensure they are not wasting resources.

The problem is that waste and government have long gone hand in hand from the IT side, and I'm not talking about mismanagement or operational maladies. Instead, it's a simpler issue - you have all of these organizations that the public is entirely dependent on. If they become reliant on technology and that solution fails, they fail the people. You can't go running unproven technologies with that kind of responsibility on your shoulders. So the government is usually behind the private sector, and funding limitations don't help the cause.

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This is changing. Data center consolidation projects, document digitization initiatives, more mobile device use and even cloud computing are all taking hold in government. This is leaving public sector IT departments with more services to manage and a growing need to move beyond basic help desk functions to get the job done.

Keeping up with change
Whether it is keeping up with consolidation efforts, working to digitize records or trying to modernize IT operations without creating potential regulatory problems, many government IT departments are dealing with frequent changes. Advanced IT service desk solutions that include change management functions can be invaluable in this situation by giving engineers the help they need to understand how any alteration to the configuration will impact operations.

Change represents one of the greatest challenges IT teams face. Making any adjustment to the configuration could lead to problems emerging down the line, including regulatory breaches. A change management platform can help IT teams keep up with the kinds of changes facing government entities without taking on too much risk. This functionality could prove essential as more government agencies are tasked with handling contemporary IT departments.

The simple reality is that state-of-the-art service delivery models are going to hit roadblocks if agencies are running limited, homegrown help desks. Modernizing IT means going beyond the servers and applications and considering how IT teams manage operations. This is where an advanced service desk can be so beneficial.

The service desk and transparency
Many government bodies are also tasked with becoming more transparent to the public without sacrificing privacy. This can even mean publishing all emails within an extended date range, but redacting the names of private citizens or any personally identifiable data. With such stringent regulations in place, IT teams need to ensure that their change management solution can protect them from inadvertently publishing sensitive data.

An effective change management solution provides a combination of authorizations and documentation that can help government entities introduce transparency without creating risk. The end result is often a much more efficient setup that delivers considerable operational gains.