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Data Virtualization On the Horizon - Are Your Processes Ready?

09/03/2014 by: The SunView Team

Server virtualization has an odd impact on the IT configuration. On one hand, the hardware becomes much less important because you can pack systems full of information and move virtual machines from one server to another without much worry. On the other hand, each individual system is supporting more applications, so a failure event could lead to more solutions becoming unavailable.

Virtualization counters this issue because VMs can be deployed quickly across homogeneous servers, making recovery easier if effective processes are in place. With data virtualization on the rise, IT teams need to be ready to apply process excellence to a wider array of operations, and IT service management solutions play a key role in making this happen.

Looking at Data Virtualization
Data virtualization involves configuring databases and other storage management solutions in such a way that source data is made available to users directly from the storage system it resides on. According to a recent IT Business Edge report, data virtualization is becoming a popular way to improve data availability to users without having to move data through the network or store it in multiple locations. In many ways, virtualization could end up proving the solution to many big data problems. At this point, the practice is being embraced in settings like cloud and colocation data centers where backup requirements create major data storage demands.

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Responding to Data Virtualization
In traditional data management architectures, so many copies of any given data set will exist that information can be difficult to lose. It is fairly common, after a data loss incident, to find a version of the database that is only missing a few pieces of information that can be updated. This means that the risk associated with data management problems, while significant, is fairly manageable. If organizations are going to become more reliant on data virtualization, their IT teams will be more dependent on the original source copy of data. If that information is lost, recovering it could be incredibly difficult.

Having change management solutions in place can prove integral in ensuring day-to-day operations do not lead to an accidental data loss incident. Human error is a common problem in IT departments that feature complex storage configurations, and a small mistake can lead to a database being lost. That could prove particularly disastrous in a virtualized data environment. Change management solutions feature a combination of process automation tools, scheduling functionality, collaboration features and authorizations that make them an ideal option when trying to improve processes surrounding virtualized data environments.