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Data Plays Key Role in Informing Healthcare IT Advances

03/25/2014 by: The SunView Team

Data is a central component of the healthcare technology revolution facing hospitals, clinics and physician offices. Finding ways to use patient data more effectively on a variety of levels is key to bringing the industry forward. Data can be used to help IT experts figure out the best way to manage healthcare technologies, and Hillary Clinton recently spoke to industry leaders to say that data from healthcare IT experts could prove vital in guiding the industry forward.

Speaking at the recent Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference in Orlando, Clinton told audiences that the key decisions about healthcare IT's future needs to not stem as much from ideology, but from the data that is available, InformationWeek reported.

The Importance of Data
Clinton told audiences at the event that healthcare IT leaders have generated an incredible amount of data and learned to use it effectively. Moving forward, the data gathered by the innovators in healthcare IT should be guiding policies, the news source explained.

"I wanted to thank [healthcare IT leaders] for modernizing the US healthcare system to empower patients and provide information to support medical professionals [to improve quality of care and reduce costs]," said Clinton, according to the report. "You've been doing this for more than half a century. It must be a little gratifying to see the debate catch up with where you have been."

Clinton explained that the industry has finally begun to completely move past the outdated records and data management principles that dominated the 20th century. As this process has continued, technology leaders are facing new challenges in a wide range of areas, according to InformationWeek.

"But none of this is possible without the right infrastructure and the right regulator environment," Clinton told audiences at the event. "Technology specialists like you are no longer focused solely on making patient data accessible to providers. You're now playing a leading role in making sure medical teams have that data to gain new insights and efficiencies."

The news source explained that Clinton's overarching message was fairly simple - good data informs effective decisions. In the end, discussions about ideology are important, but data and evidence need to play a critical role in the way the country makes its healthcare decisions.

The importance of data goes beyond the large-scale decisions that need to be made about the healthcare industry in general. Data also has a major impact on how IT teams in healthcare make their day-to-day operational decisions.

Using Data to Inform Everyday Operations

Hospitals face incredible service management challenges as they need to conform every phase of operations with regulatory requirements. IT teams also need to manage operations in such a way that they enable innovation while using as few resources as possible. This makes solutions like change management incredibly important for hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Pairing a change management solution with an advanced service desk positions healthcare IT teams to gather the key performance indicators they need and put that data to use.

Service desk solutions that track data can be incredibly useful in giving service desk managers and IT leaders the types of data they need to gain insights into operational trends. This information can also be used to illustrate how the service management setup is working, how data moves through the configuration and how well IT teams are equipped to keep up with various service requests. This data can then be used alongside change management solutions to inform change strategies and eliminate risk.

Using data and change management platforms to add another layer of oversight can enable healthcare IT departments to limit risk and more easily remain compliant with regulatory standards.