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Customer Spotlight Series: GoIWX

09/10/2015 by: The SunView Team

IT service management solutions play a vital role in empowering businesses to get the greatest value out of their technology, and looking at how businesses have leveraged service desk solutions provides vital insight into how you can generate a return on investment. Let's take a look at GoIWX, a Minnesota-based managed hosting provider that serves the ERP sector, in this first installment of our new ‘Customer Spotlight' series.

GoIWX needed a service desk solution that could help support hundreds of global customers that operate on a 24/7/365 basis. The company had been operating on a Cloud 1.0 basis, with its service desk focusing on handling basic break/fix incidents. This model wasn't getting the job done, and GoIWX turned to SunView Software to transition to a Cloud 2.0 model that would transform the customer experience.

Using the Service Desk for a Customer-Centric Support Scheme
The Cloud 2.0 model that GoIWX was working toward puts the emphasis on customer service. ChangeGear gave our customer a single-pane of glass for customers, letting them view active maintenance periods, IRs, SRs and RFCs. They could come in and see every activity they had with GoIWX.

Visibility wasn't the only goal for GoIWX, though, as they also wanted customers to be able to quickly manipulate their cloud solution to get the performance and flexibility they needed. The ChangeGear Service Request Management Module made this possible by letting GoIWX customers to quickly open the module, create the request they need and click the send button. ChangeGear handles sending the request to the correct GoIWX users to streamline the experience.

This is just one example of how ChangeGear helped GoIWX create a better customer experience. The organization is also working to add new modules to the service desk, some of which include:

Service Catalog: GoIWX hopes to use the service catalog to define exactly what is available to customers, letting them select the exact service that they need. From there, the pre-defined conditions of the services are sent through the system, letting GoIWX respond with ease. Standardizing the service catalog doesn't just help customers; it also enables GoIWX to improve service quality.

Project Module: GoIWX is expanding and needs greater visibility into their projects. This lets them improve project management by separating projects from changes and reduces the amount of time users spend at the keyboard managing tasks.

Why Select ChangeGear?
GoIWX had high expectations, and explained that it is happy with ChangeGear because it has reduced their costs, consolidated different request types, clearly define business value for customers and put all of this into an easy-to-use package.

ChangeGear can provide these benefits for diverse organization types through a flexible, scalable service desk platform that simplifies everyday operations while giving you access to more powerful tools.

Businesses increasingly need their service desk solutions to create value as they become more dependent on technology services. The GoIWX experience with ChangeGear emphasizes the way that the right solution can help you streamline your processes while also providing a better end-user experience.