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Consumerization of IT Drives Need for Mature Change Management Processes

08/08/2011 by: The SunView Team

Consumerization of IT is driving unprecedented changes to the already complex environment that IT manages. Business departments are choosing their own mobile devices (see great infograhic on mobile computing from Dell), selecting business applications that are Software-as-a-Service, and acquiring cloud services to achieve business objectives. IT is consulted only after these decisions are made by the business and are required to respond to an ever increasing number of service requests.

The enterprise computing environment is quickly changing, but is IT managing change? IT must take control of change and ensure that security, reliability, compliance, integration, and operating costs are being evaluated before new IT capabilities are integrated into the portfolio. Every IT organization must implement formal change management processes based on best practices like ITIL to keep up with the pace of change. To get ready for this new age of IT computing you must implement automation software like ChangeGear™ to establish the appropriate controls for IT. The process automation enables IT to keep pace with the rapidly increasing number of business service requests and establish a formal process that:
  • Provides more visibility into all IT changes across the business
  • Increases ability of IT to respond to requests for IT
  • Improves ability of IT to evaluate risks and costs associated with technology acquisitions
  • Establishes streamlined communications between the business and IT
Big changes are coming for IT. The choice is to either implement processes and the appropriate management systems to deal with IT change or be prepared for IT chaos.

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