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Consumerization Among Key Drivers for IT Service Management Adoption

10/10/2013 by: The SunView Team

IT service management platforms are generally considered the elite level of service desks that are only used by organizations with a mature IT setup. The reality is that an ITSM platform can unify a wide range of service desk functions and change control features into a centralized module. The end result is a much more responsive, precise and documented IT organization.

According to a recent TechNavio study, many businesses have begun to recognize the value of ITSM platforms, and this recognition is fueled by elements of the consumerization of IT movement, particularly bring your own device.

Growing Demand for ITSM Platforms
The study found that the ITSM industry is poised for considerable expansion moving forward as more companies embrace BYOD and try to deal with the implications of the consumerization of IT movement. Between 2012 and 2016, the ITSM market will likely rise at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 7.3 percent, TechNavio found.

Besides rising popularity driven by BYOD, the ITSM sector is also beginning to gain some steam in new areas. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular have begun embracing the technology, contributing to the broad market growth anticipated in the near future.

50 Reasons You Need ITSM

Responding to BYOD
The BYOD movement is gaining prominence in a wide range of sectors and many businesses have found themselves needing to either support BYOD or risk having workers go around the system and use their personal devices anyway. The problem is that BYOD depends on IT teams being able to release applications that are configured for a wide range of hardware and operating systems. At the same time, you also must be ready for more change and an increase in incidents and problems.

The increase in change, incidents and problems comes because IT teams have less control over the devices that business teams are using. In the past, the company would have a stable of workstations and company-owned mobile devices to use, making it relatively easy to keep the CMDB populated with end-user devices. BYOD changes this, adding a key layer of complexity to CMDB population, change management and other tasks. At the same time, the greater variety inherently contributes to more glitches, bugs and potential authorization incidents.

IT teams must be prepared to handle this higher volume of service-related functions and ITSM solutions provide the transparency, automation and toolsets that they need to successfully deal with BYOD and tackle management issues pertaining to the broad consumerization of IT movement.