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Comparing Change Management to Fantasy Football Trades

09/07/2011 by: The SunView Team

With the Football season upon us, many fantasy football leagues are starting to sprout up. People are looking to act like a GM and try to create bragging rights and gain some cash from friends. Most young men aspire to grow up to play sports but are either too small or too un-athletic and front office jobs are few and far between. This allows me to beg the question, what would fantasy league be like for other professions? Fantasy telemarketing could be fun, banking money on who made the most calls, and made the most money. No that would actually be really boring, as it would be with many non-sports related professions. Nobody wants to bet money on which companies are going to have the most downtime (but if you guessed Amazon you would have won this year's league). But it is still interesting when you can find a good comparison between your profession and fantasy football.
Our company makes ITSM software, and we specialize in IT Change Management. Let me introduce some buzz words and what their fantasy role would be that will be necessary for the comparison:
  • The Change Manager - The person involved with overseeing changes to the IT infrastructure. In fantasy this would be the commissioner, and usually they have final say in any action.
  • The Change Advisory Board (CAB) - The group of people responsible for approving requested changes and assessing the priority of changes. In fantasy this would be your league players.
  • The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is like your fantasy provider, they make the rules but rarely have to step in unless there is an emergency.
  • The Goal - Make changes to your IT system without any downtime and in fantasy to change you team to score more points.
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So here are my comparisons of fantasy football trades with IT Change Management:
You know when you have this great trade you have accepted. Let's say you are getting Peyton Manning (fantasy stud and all around good guy) for Jay Cutler (interception thrower and injury faker). The league gets a chance to dismiss this trade if they feel it is unfair & may disrupt the league. This is like the CAB, they reject any changes that may cause downtime. In most leagues the commissioner has the final say. The Commissioner can push this trade through if he really wants but it's really up the league. If the change seems to be too good be true, it probably is. Going through the process allows for fewer issues in the league. Changes that go through the correct Change Management processes typically avoid downtime.
Hopefully I came up with an analogy that can teach the average person what the point and process of change management are. On a final note, fantasy football leagues do not follow ITIL processes.