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Colocation and the Service Desk - Supporting a More Mature IT Setup

10/16/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk, colocation

Many businesses are beginning to leverage colocation services to support more mature and robust IT setups. There is a growing need to ensure companies can properly support advanced IT systems as organizations push colocation strategies to include the cloud and other advanced solutions.

Looking at colocation's rise and its impact on the service desk
According to a recent Data Center Knowledge report, many companies have begun to explore colocation as they push to develop more robust IT architectures. During the past five years, businesses have started to embrace colocation because the service model gives them access to more flexible and cost-efficient data center resources that they would be unable to obtain with a do-it-yourself facility construction model.

Colocation's recent rise has been compounded, however, as businesses have begun using the service to complement the cloud, the news source explained. With cloud security concerns holding back innovation in the sector, many companies began looking for more secure and reliable ways to host the cloud. This has led to significant investments in hybrid clouds that include services hosted by a colocation provider. In this kind of setup, a company may develop a private cloud, but have it hosted in a third-party facility to take advantage of flexibility and cost-efficient floor space leasing models.

The rise of complex, cloud-enabled colocation plans has enabled IT managers to establish much more robust service architectures. The end result is an IT configuration that can be much more difficult for organizations to manage. Some companies overcome this challenge by taking advantage of third-party services. Regardless of whether an organization is managing its own infrastructure or if a third-party provider is, a cloud-ified colocation plan creates complexity that demands an advanced IT service desk for managing change and release.

Colocation, cloud computing and the service desk
Using a colocation plan in conjunction with the cloud can give organizations the ability to develop a robust IT setup that introduces advanced service capabilities. Managing these functions creates new operational challenges, especially as businesses must effectively manage technology resources across multiple facility environments. Change management is difficult enough with a fairly standard data center configuration, but throw in systems in a colocation facility, a private cloud and public cloud solutions, and the IT operations teams are left with a hefty task. Having a service desk in place that is flexible and adaptable enough to keep up with contemporary IT demands is essential as more companies explore advanced IT service models.