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CMDB and BYOD - Limiting Supported Devices

05/29/2013 by: The SunView Team

I have written about the consumerization of IT several times whether in a BYOD blog post or an Mobile Device Management (MDM) post.The bottom line, your staff needs to use their smartphones and tablets to be more effective at their jobs. Therefore, it is imperative that the IT Organization build some policies around use of personal devices, or supply the staff with approved devices.

If you are challenged with tracking and controlling BYOD, you should consider implementing a CMDB solution.

In a recent article in TechTarget, How limited mobile device support can help IT handle consumerization, Margaret Jones, interviewed Dan Antion, vice president of information services of American Nuclear Insurers. This interview is a great example of how, with proper planning, you can limit device support without dramatically impacting the enterprise or the employees productivity. With limited staff, Dan's team cannot support every device ever produced. His team therefore is very selective in what they support. And of course, data security is the most important factor.

"if you want to connect to email, we'll connect you. If you want VPN or other features on your phone, then you have to let us put our Mobile Device Management app on there."

This is a sound compromise. Every employee wants/needs 24/7 access to their email. But if they want to use their smart device for work, then they have to have security on the device. And of course, they must agree to having the data wiped if the device is lost or compromised.

"Then there's an educational effort. Your corporate identity is bundled into that phone, so you're going to have a PIN on it and you're going to have to let us know if you lose the thing. There's a fair amount on the education side, trying to get people to understand that I don't care that it's your device, I don't care that it has your data on it, I don't care who paid for it. It's our information, and we all have to work to protect that."

BYOD is putting an ever increasing workload onto the IT Organization. With a few policies in place, the entire consumerization of IT can be better controlled and so can your IT resources.