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Cloud Usage Patterns Emphasize Importance of Service Catalogs

01/29/2014 by: The SunView Team

Service catalogs are emerging as a popular part of broad IT service management strategies. Many companies find that catalogs give them the ability to replicate a consumer purchasing environment for end users while giving IT leaders the control they need to safeguard data and the technology configuration as a whole. Such solutions could soon gain even greater prominence, as a recent study from 2nd Watch found that cloud usage patterns are giving business units more control over application and service purchasing.

Approximately 93 percent of enterprise business units in organizations polled are using cloud services in some form. Furthermore, 61 percent of the business units using the cloud are selecting, funding and managing subscriptions for their cloud applications. Matt Gerber, executive vice president of sales and marketing for 2nd Watch, said that business leaders are generally unwilling to wait on IT when it comes to accessing the cloud.

Many IT departments now face the challenge of serving as gatekeepers the enterprise technology configuration and data, but must contend with a growing move by business leaders to buy cloud solutions on their own. Service catalogs can prove an ideal solution to these problems by giving IT teams the ability to control which applications and services are available, while still allowing business leaders to purchase as needed from that catalog.