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Climbing the Ladder to Service Desk Efficiency

09/23/2013 by: The SunView Team

ITSM, Service Desk

For many companies, IT help desk purchases involve finding a solution that meets their current needs and replacing that solution as their IT support and management requirements ramp up. This can prove expensive and disruptive as new software regularly must be integrated into the configuration. Deploying a solution that can climb from the help desk to the IT service desk and eventually to providing IT service management functionality can give organizations a holistic path to management maturation.

Climbing the ladder to IT service management efficiency could prove critical, as a recent report from The ITSM Review explained that underlying complexity, even in commoditized IT setups, creates an environment in which technology management principles are integral to operational success.

The three rungs of the service desk ladder

1. Establishing an effective help desk: The IT help desk is, in an ideal situation, a simple, easy-to-use interface that allows technicians to quickly and efficiently resolve technological problems that are disrupting business operations. Generally speaking, achieving the simplicity and rapid response required by users depends on keeping the help desk from becoming overly complex. As a result, a basic help desk can be fine tuned to focus almost entirely on functions such as incident response for basic issues and handling service requests.

2. Building up to a service desk: Giving the help desk a clear, basic set of parameters to work within makes it easier to scale and adapt. It also puts organizations in a position in which they can use the service desk to handle a wide range of service options. The service desk can include incident management and other functions that are part of the help desk, but it also deals with more complex issues. Organizations can establish the service desk to perform such functions as establishing a knowledge base for more efficient troubleshooting, dealing with release and change management processes, handling the service catalog and addressing the root cause of technology problems.

3. Reaching the top - IT service management: IT service management principles are the top rung of service desk functions. An ITSM setup provides a combination of flexibility and efficiency that can guide IT operations and ensure the technologies a company uses align with business needs. In many cases, an ITSM can include many or all of the components that come with an IT service desk. However, an ITSM setup will often also include asset and configuration management capabilities. These functions give service teams the ability to view large, overarching technological principles in a company, ensuring companies can handle extremely complex issues simply.

Organizations often have incredibly varied needs when it comes to maintaining IT services, but using a solution that can climb the ladder from help desk to service desk to ITSM setup can help organizations avoid the disruption of regularly having to deploy new service management software.