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Cleaning Rooms and Dealing with Changes in the Cloud

09/28/2011 by: The SunView Team

Normally, we'd provide our own commentary on how first movers to cloud solutions may not be prepared for what's in store. Of course, we tend to get a lot of feedback both agreeing and disagreeing with a "walk softly" cloud philosophy. Occasionally though, someone comes along and puts things into a crystal clear perspective.

Such is the case with Alex Madrigal latest blog post, the Cloud's My-Mom-Cleaned-My-Room Problem. In what is matter of fact piece capturing one of the biggest horrors of child-, or perhaps teen-, hood: arriving at home to find your room has been cleaned, and everything has changed. In particular, he does a great job relating this common event back to our modern experience with cloud solutions.

Today, no matter who you are, you likely interact with the cloud in some fashion. Even if it's just FaceBook, things have a way of changing with little notice. In the case of our rooms many decades ago, it wasn't just that we were frantic about our parent(s) finding some "thing" you would rather them not. In fact most of the time it really had to do with the simple fact that finding things among the new "organization structure" would take weeks to resolve - it was a disconcerting situation.

Of course, even if there were consequences from not having cleaned your own room. There were some benefits. It probably smelled better, that ant problem was no longer an issue, and clothes had a freshness they previously did not. Ultimately though, was all that sudden, abrupt, and poorly communicated change worth it?

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Not really, and such is the case with changes in the cloud today. We're all adults, we have years of experience as IT Professionals, yet we find ourselves powerless again. Plus in today's cloud scenario, it's more like having an inexperienced teenager come rearrange your room. Why would anyone subject themselves to that again?

Luckily you don't have to. When it comes to ITSM solutions, you have a chance to run the show. You're the expert. You should be in charge of who makes the important decisions, as well as how, when, and why those decisions are made.

As always, we'd like to invite you to experience the advantages our product, ChangeGear, offers. Built on a foundation of ITIL best practices, and tethered to YOUR controls and processes, not the inexperience that's currently in the cloud.