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Choosing a Service Desk: Form vs. Function

11/05/2014 by: The SunView Team

Choosing the right service desk solution can be one of the most important decisions an IT leader makes. It may not seem like it's as big of a deal as, for example, choosing to turn to the cloud or keep systems hosted internally, but the reality is that the service desk you choose will have a direct impact on how business and technology workers interact. A good IT service desk will minimize lost productivity due to downtime, help companies resolve underlying IT problems and improve change management. A bad service desk can lead to sunk costs, shelfware, process inefficiency and a situation in which organizations are locked into a system that isn't meeting their needs.

You need to find a service desk that balances the functions you need in the form you need.

Finding the right form
For a long time, the problem most organizations faced was the decision between a large-scale, feature-rich service desk and a stripped down solution, there wasn't much in the middle. This meant that the process of installing and integrating a service desk was a long, complex and onerous operation. If you purchased a solution, you were stuck with it for a long time. This meant that you needed to make sure that the solution you chose would be able to meet your organization's needs for an extended period of time.

This has begun to change, however, as organizations now have access to cloud-based service desk systems that can be deployed and adjusted much more easily over time. This is making it easier to find a solution that is a better fit, as you can invest in exactly what you need now and be able to change over time.

Finding the right functions
Looking at the specific functionality offered by a service desk is critical. You don't just want to settle on form in terms of the size and scale of the system, you also need to take a close look at the various modules that are available and make sure you get the capabilities you need.

Service Desk Replacement Guide

Again, this is an area where changing times have made a huge difference. In the past, you had to buy everything at once when you purchased a service desk. Generally, you got a small solution with a couple of modules and you just had to deal with those limitations until you could afford or needed an upgrade. Alternately, you could purchase a fully-featured system, but end up spending heavily on software that would sit on your shelf for years because you didn't need it yet.

The cloud is redefining how you obtain different service desk functions. Because you can change form at any time, you can also add new modules. If you only want incident management at first, but eventually find that you need some help with change, you can add that capability with relative ease later on down the line. This flexibility is essential as companies face a rapidly changing IT environment.

Taking full advantage of the cloud
Cloud-based ITSM solutions empower businesses to purchase exactly what they need, when they need it. Gone are the days of projecting years ahead and spending now for something that won't deliver value for an extended period of time. The ITSM industry's move toward the cloud creates an operational climate in which you can rapidly scale your service desk - both in terms of adding modules and supporting a larger base of users - without having to rebuild the system. This scalability is redefining the service desk industry as a whole and creating new possibilities for value creation among ITSM users.