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A Checklist for IT Healthcare Organizations Implementing EMR

11/02/2011 by: The SunView Team

If you're in the Healthcare Industry, or more specifically, a member of IT that services a Healthcare organization, you should be spending some time over at Healthcare IT news. A good example of why is seen in one of their latest posts: The Top 10 Technologies to Embrace Before EMRs.

Now, this is an especially helpful list if you are an organization that has yet to embrace EMR. It presents a straight-forward starting point on a number of technologies that will benefit users and patients alike. It also serves a dual purpose for an IT professional, helping you identify technologies that, if not already, are on the radar of leadership within your organization. It's very likely you will need to be prepared for directives that may have already started, and include some, if not all, of the ten items mentioned in the list.

Of course, any proactive IT profession knows that you‘ll also want to be ready for the increased exposure that the technologies on that list may present as well. For that reason, we have a checklist (after the break) that will help prep you for new technology integration.

Checklist for IT Professionals Preparing to Embrace Pre-EMR Technologies

Get Introduced to the Best Practices from ITIL

Especially in the states, ITIL is a new concept, and not something spoken at every water cooler. The guidelines that ITIL provides will parallel any modernization effort. At the same time, ITIL can tend to appear like a daunting or near impossible task. For many a slower introduction works best. Take a look at our Getting Started with ITIL: A Practical 3-Step Guide if you'd like to start learning the basics.

Evaluate Configuration and Change Management Processes

Many times new technology goes hand-in-hand with the necessity for new hardware. Understanding current configurations, and knowing when and how they change is essential for the long-term goal of an EMR initiative. Configuration and Change Management should be part of your ITSM solution. Even if they aren't, start now by documenting a broad scope of your processes, and how new technology might affect them.
Analyze Technologies for Automation Opportunities
It's wonderful to offer users a new suite of products to use. At the same time, this means your help or service desk team will need to learn, and become "experts" on, those tools as well. If you haven't considered a Service Catalog yet, now may be a good time to analyze that need. Many common requests and services can often be provided 24 hours a day. For example, one of the most automatable services is password reset and retrieval. If users are still contacting your help desk for this, there is likely a huge opportunity to provide value to your users and alleviate a pressure point for your staff.

Consider Updating Legacy Help Desk Software

The ten suggestions on the list are really just a drop in the bucket. New, incredibly useful tools pop up every day. It's very likely this list of ten will become twenty fairly quickly, and even more over a short period of time. Many legacy systems lack scalability without complicated, contracted, and costly development. A solution, such as ChangeGear: Service Desk, is nimble, and allows customizations to be made quickly and easily by an administrator. This translates to cost reduction and quick ROI - both elements of most EMR initiatives.

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