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ChangeGear 6.0 Delivers Higher Efficiency to the Service Desk

11/03/2014 by: The SunView Team

Last month, we officially announced the release of ChangeGear 6.0, the next big update to our flagship ITSM software platform. Our dedicated team of developers has been hard at work adding new features and updating the user experience to enhance our already proven solution.

We listened to our customers' feedback and decided on an approach that would put the full power of the Service Desk into the hands of the staff user. Our push towards user efficiency and personalization has allowed us to shift focus to a more user-centric design. ChangeGear 6.0 isn't just a typical features upgrade; it's an entirely new view into the Service Desk that changes the support experience for both end-users and IT staff.

ChangeGear Gets a Modern User Interface

Perhaps the most immediate change you'll notice is ChangeGear's brand new User Interface. The new design improves the overall aesthetic; giving ChangeGear a sleek, modern style. However, this update is more than just looks. The UI is built upon an HTML 5 web-responsive architecture with the goal of giving the user a more streamlined experience. Items easily drag-and-drop into lists, widgets seamlessly snap into place and forms automatically shrink and expand based on your window size. You can even choose between a light or dark background for your Dashboard. All of these little touches help to improve the look and feel of ChangeGear and ultimately drive productivity.

A Dashboard Built For You

Now more than ever, CIOs need the flexibility to review KPIs across all roles within their organizational hierarchy. In order to reach peak efficiency and drive improved customer service, analytics must be dynamic enough to deliver insights on engagement, customer perception and time to resolution. That's where ChangeGear's persona-based Dashboards come in. In ChangeGear 6.0, administrators can now create custom Dashboards for various roles in the IT organization.

Personas like Executive, IT Staff, and Service Desk Staff can now have access to all of the pertinent data they need to facilitate meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and perform at a higher level. Each Dashboard comes equipped with score cards, pie charts, gauges, and more to give you the perfect representation of your IT KPIs.

Define Your Workspace

The new Workspace feature gives IT staff a single, comprehensive view into their operations in order to get a better grip on their day-to-day activities. Whether it's a Help Desk analyst reviewing incident tickets or a Change Manager monitoring open approvals, the Workspace is the single point of access for all role-based activities in the Service Desk. Like the Dashboard, ChangeGear allows the user to fully customize the Workspace experience. Graphical options like heads-up score cards can be placed in or around the interface so users can personalize their working environment to their liking. The new Workspace also provides greater visibility into ITSM activities with its aggregated view and Intelligent Search capabilities. Obtaining up-to-date insights on Service Desk KPIs has never been more efficient.

A Smarter Self-Service Portal

We've improved the Self-Service Portal in ChangeGear 6.0 by implementing our new responsive interface to give users a faster, more streamlined experience. The days of filling out lengthy forms to submit incident tickets are over. ChangeGear 6.0 now incorporates a "formless ticket submission" feature; simplifying the submission process and decreasing time to resolution. The Self-Service Portal also keeps you informed with request notifications and gives users the ability to quickly search through knowledge base articles and archived resolution information.

Searching Made Easy

We've implemented the latest search technology to give users a rich, dynamic way to locate information across the Service Desk. Intelligent Search leverages the power of ChangeGear 6.0 and allows users to quickly search all modules to find past incident tickets, knowledge base threads, file attachments and more. It will even automatically generate descriptor "snippets" based on the keywords typed into the search field. Intelligent Search in ChangeGear brings a whole new layer of efficiency to your Service Desk.

We've listened to your feedback and have worked tirelessly to make ChangeGear 6.0 the best and most capable ITSM platform on the market. In the ever-changing world of IT, CIOs demand a Service Desk that can conform to their enterprise while providing their team with the tools needed to enhance productivity and to increase the overall quality of their service delivery. ChangeGear 6.0 delivers on these fronts by providing powerful new views into the Service Desk that drive the insights for success.