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Change Management a Vital Component of Cloud Success

12/17/2013 by: The SunView Team


Cloud computing tends to come with excitement. You may have heard discussions about cloud sprawl - having so many cloud systems in place that they become overwhelming to manage. These conversations center around companies getting so excited about the cloud that they dig into the technology without thinking about its implications on the rest of the organization. If you want to avoid trouble in the cloud, you may be best off putting aside some of the enthusiasm about what the technology can do and take a careful look at more traditional IT processes, such as change management.

In this situation, a change management platform is critical because poorly organized cloud deployments can create technical debt and hinder an organization's ability to develop innovative technology strategies.

Change Management and the Cloud - Keeping Everything in Order

A recent CloudTweaks report explained that businesses engaging in the cloud often embrace the technology so heartily that they do not properly assess the other implications of deploying new applications and services. This leads to major problems down the line because nobody has stopped to consider the change-related implications of cloud investments.

Deploying an IT service desk capable of keeping up with the pace of the cloud through advanced process architectures can be vital in overcoming this problem.

According to the news source, cloud computing has a wide impact on operations and businesses need to hold fast to change management best practices in an effort to keep up with the technology. For example, it is generally best practice to research software solutions, analyze their total cost of ownership, identify how they integrate with existing systems and what their specifications are.

This is a basic first step in change management because it helps IT teams identify adjustments that need to be made. However, many organizations end up skipping this step when turning to the cloud because they get so excited by the ease and simplicity of the solutions, the report said.

Adapting Change management for the cloud
Companies that get into the cloud without adapting their configuration to support applications end up taking on technical debt, whether it comes in the form of a network that cannot keep up with bandwidth demands or application compatibility issues that limit work efficiency. Regardless of the form of technical debt, paying it off can be extremely difficult. Instituting change management policies that enable IT teams to keep up with the deployment pace of the cloud is integral to operational success.

Cloud computing can create incredible value, but only if technical debt is kept in check.