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Change Management Vital as Government Organizations Embrace Consolidation

10/22/2013 by: The SunView Team

Think back to 2010 for a minute and you may remember an overwhelming wave of data center consolidation projects. The reality, at the time, was that new government CIO Vivek Kundra had shocked many pundits by developing a disruptive strategy to improve IT efficiency. We are now squarely in the middle of this plan, and though new federal CIOs have come and gone, the initial consolidation plans have remained in place.

While consolidation sounds great on the surface - it's supposed to save money and improve efficiency after all - it can be an absolute nightmare from a service management perspective. The problem, of course, is the need to migrate data to new, highly-virtualized environments. This requires robust change management architectures, something that not every government IT department has had in place in the past.

Looking at the Government Technology Problem

The federal government, like sectors such as healthcare, has long been relatively conservative about integrating IT systems into day-to-day processes. The reasoning is simple - tight budgets and a need to sustain constant critical operations leads to a situation in which using any kind of unproven technology is not an option. Because of this, many federal agencies had fallen behind the IT curve. The data center consolidation project is aimed at that problem and could help organizations take full advantage of virtualization, cloud computing and IT service models.

However, getting to this end result requires organizations to modernize their IT architectures almost overnight. While the consolidation plan has an extended timeline, the project demands that agencies are continually making progress. This comes out in terms of planning for the change, installing systems to support the migration and actually completing the consolidation process.

With many government IT departments trying to support consolidation, there is a growing need to also advance other areas of IT to support ongoing operations and data center migration. IT service desk advances can play a vital role in this process.
Using the Service Desk to Support Consolidation Projects
IT service desk solutions that include powerful change management tools can play an invaluable role in supporting data center consolidation plans. Supporting data migration demands that IT teams are able to make configuration changes without disrupting operations, losing data, accidentally publishing sensitive information or experiencing any type of regulatory breach. This is especially important in government, where processes and operations must be documented for due diligence. Effective automation in the change management landscape can make this achievable, positioning agencies to modernize their operations in light of data center consolidation challenges.