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Change Management Vital as Companies Transition to the Cloud

04/14/2014 by: The SunView Team

Change Management

Change management investments are proving a vital consideration as more businesses face pressure to move toward the cloud.

According to a recent Forbes report, IT managers are dealing with significant disruption as they work to transition to supporting cloud-based technologies. At this point, few organizations are in a position where they can, or even if they want to, fully use the cloud to support their IT operations. As such, technology leaders are left balancing services in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

The news source explained that hybridization is emerging as a key trend with businesses balancing the diverse service models involved in the migration to the cloud. Many organizations find that they need to carefully integrate traditional IT architectures, managed hosting systems, public cloud resources and private cloud architectures to meet their current demands while eliminating risk. This results in an incredibly complex hybrid IT environment.

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Incorporating change management into IT service desk strategies can play a key role in helping IT teams deal with the complexity of supporting operations across a wide range of service environments. Coordinating change across physical, virtual and cloud environments can be tricky, and change management solutions offer the visibility and collaboration tools needed to ease challenges in this area