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Change Management Integral for Small IT Teams

11/13/2013 by: The SunView Team

Change management

Small IT departments are often forced to get by with a basic help desk that does not offer the advanced functionality that many mature IT teams leverage. The reason is simple - many small IT teams manage less infrastructure and do not have the same complexity to deal with. However, increased dependence on IT in many sectors is leading to more complications, even for small IT departments. As a result, change management solutions are becoming vital.

The Plight of the Small IT Department
Many companies will look at a small IT department and assume that collaboration and process management is simple because there are only a few workers that need to communicate with one another. As a result, solutions like change and incident management may be thought of as less important. After all, a platform that processes and passes operations between users to communicate how incidents and changes are being handled isn't really necessary if workers can easily just tell each other what is being done. Right? Well, not quite. IT complexity is substantial, even in organizations with small IT departments, and managing change can still be a monumental and complex task in such settings.

In some cases, the corporate vision of a small IT team is a few guys sitting at computers laughing about the ridiculous tech mistakes made by employees. The reality is not nearly so pleasant. Many small IT departments spend most of their time putting out operational fires and running around trying to solve more problems than they have time, or people, to deal with. Throw in new projects and planned change, and all of a sudden businesses are facing major operational challenges as the IT department does not have the time to collaborate. Instead, change is handled in a piecemeal fashion with workers making incremental adjustments as they have time and not always being able to communicate project progress. This is where change management is so important.

Introducing Change Management for Small IT Departments

A change management solution can track the incremental adjustments made by different project team members. The end result is an environment in which it is much easier to communicate and collaborate, leading to more efficient, effective and risk-free change. Furthermore, the ease of collaboration created by such a solution makes change less time consuming, alleviating many of the organizational stresses facing small IT teams.