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Change Management Essential to Avoid Risk

11/25/2013 by: The SunView Team

Change, CMDB, risk

Risk management is an integral component of any IT leader's job, and change is a critical part of properly assessing and dealing with risk.

Threats can emerge in many areas of operations, but change represents one of the most difficult issues to manage.

Many IT teams end up with risk during change operations because any small adjustment can lead to unintended consequences in other areas of the system. Change management platforms can coordinate these technology shifts to ensure they are properly timed and handled in such a way that they do not create new problems.

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Understanding the scope of risk involved in system changes is a critical first step in avoiding business disruption. Most formal changes require multiple smaller alterations to the configuration. Each of these small adjustments can lead to a shift in how IT systems work with one another, potentially leading to downtime or data workflow problems. Coordinating small changes within a larger operation is essential to avoiding this risk.

Investing in a CMDB solution can help IT leaders get the most out of their change management solution. At its core, a change management platform will enable better collaboration and make it easier to coordinate change. A CMDB can complement this functionality by making it easier to identify the full implications of a change, simplifying risk management.